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Anonymous asked: Hi ! Where did you get the hair Polly is wearing here ? Thanks so much for your time ! :D /post/47184750373/150-followers-gift-that-is-massively-overdue

It’s Newsea’s Love and Kiwi, the retexture is Joedy’s but I’m not sure where to find her old LJ downloads. It’s here in pooklet’s colors/textures though?

Maybe someone else knows where they can be found? Also I am REALLY sorry it took me so long to respond, I wasn’t aware I even got this message until now, or else I would have responded sooner. ;_;


They’ve been sitting in my folder forever (about 2 years at least) and I’ve been using them for maxis-match style ever since they were made, so they’re pretty much gameplay tested to the last pixel.

The body texture remained unchanged, however I threw some of the textures together to decrease filesize. What I mainly did was blending the face from my Evanescent skintone set onto Leh’s perfectly smooth maxismatch skintone. I needed more definition on lips and nose (hence my “special needs”… and because of my addiction to Placebo at that time).

I don’t know which color palette that is. Might be Trapping’s, might be something I whipped up on my own, after two years I simply don’t remember. Please forgive the old, 27-year-old woman.

The set includes:

  • 9 skintones, both custom and geneticized+towniefed versions
  • default skintones (02, 03, 05 and a special color blend for S4)
  • default supernatural skintones for aliens and plantsims

The captions will tell you which skins you see. No makeup has been used for the models, Lola and Ophelia, however, have some extra eyelashes, eyeshadow and lipcorners. Eyebrows used are from Trapping’s Syrendoft set which you MUST HAVE. Hairerdits/colors are mine. Eyes are a blend by the lovely nilou!

Now onto the fun stuff:


If I mess up wait with throwing rotten tomatoes at me, message me first (through main simblr) and I will correct that.


luasims said: I’m pretty sure it’s possible… Kinemortophobia had default replacement eyes for supernaturals, if I remember correctly.

penguingirl03 said: Yep it is definitely possible. I use kinemortophobia’s sets for all of my creatures (including the Genie). You can find them here: and here:

I’m confused. I opened them in simPE and the eyes are attached to the skin/face. I even put them in my game and loaded it quickly and supernaturals showed up with the skin the eyes are pasted onto and not my regular defaults. I’ll poke about a bit more…

you use lilith’s skins right? from what i can tell looking at them in simpe, they have a transparent overlay, so they use whatever eyes your sims use. so i think it may depend on the skins rather than the eyes? or like they’re both connected or something. it’s pretty weird how they did that, i don’t know why they didn’t make it work similarly to how aliens work.


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4 Recolors of Sims2Play’s Eckhard Painting (mesh included) - DOWNLOAD



Credits: Miss Ella, Edit Szalma, AnaisCrocodile, Ashley Percival.

also i did not know you could put the toilet right in front of the tub and sims would still be able to use the tub

how have i gone this long without knowing this


I finally managed to make a satisfying version of these eyes. (You may have seen my earlier updates about them…) At this moment they are custom only, but I will make gen/town and default versions eventually. Now I would love to have some feedback :3

The preview pictures are unedited. (And yeah, it’s snowing in them :D)

Looking glass eyes


i tested out the sims 2 ultimate collection on my windows 8 laptop, i made it through cas and a little bit of gameplay and it didn’t crash, but the graphics were not that great because my laptop has intel hd 4000, and i’m not looking to ruin my laptop haha (especially since i have a desktop). been there done that. but if anyone with a decent graphics card + windows 8 wants to play it i would say give the ultimate collection a try (reminder that the origin code I-LOVE-SIMS is only good until july 31st)!